Developer API

issupported uses the famous browserslist to determine if the users' browser is still supported. Having an automated way to handle browser support is nice. But wouldn't it be awesome to let the user know that they should upgrade as well?

This is where issupported comes in.

Script tag

issupported can be integrated in your own site, by adding a script tag.

<script type="text/javascript" src="…" ></script>

The script url accepts a browserslist query as browsers parameter. When you don't provide it, it will default to defaults.

/plugin?browsers=defaults, not IE 11

Manual redirection

It's also possible to manually send the user to issupported. For example because you need some info for a github issue. In that case, it's recommended to send them to /report. They can then copy the results, and paste them in the issue.

Please consider adding this link and instructions to your github issue template.

The last option that we provide, is a semi branded page. This option can be used to add a link to your website, which sends the user to issupported. By providing a domain and redirect parameter, the user will find their way back to your site.

<a href="{domain}?redirect={redirect}" >browser check</a>

Note that domain is the label that will be displayed on the "back button", while redirect is the page where the user is send to when they click that button.

The back link also supports the browsers argument just like with the script tag above. When the browsers parameter is absent, it will default to defaults.


Let's hope that you're not really using IE 6, as these examples depend on the fact that you're not.

Open the IE 6 only page to see what the page looks like when it recommends updating. As the link has a browsers=IE 6query defined, it will only let IE 6 pass. All other browsers will result in the advise to update.

To see what the "all fine" page looks like, open the all but IE 6 page. This link has a browsers=not IE 6 query defined, it will only advise to update to those that are still using IE 6. Because of that, you should see a positive result.

Both examples have a redirect defined that goes back to this page, and use as domain. Clicking the big action button, should bring you right back here.